We all know that road transport is the main communication mode within the country. With it, we move from one city to another for different reasons and at a relatively low fare compared to the jets and the airlines we hear of. Without the road transport, we wonder how the world would have been like. For the past years, India has been growing and now it is developing into an idol that many countries look at. Do you even know that India influences the world in many ways? Well, the main topic today is the way we have to travel. Most of us used to travel mainly in public buses and we have had a good experience with them. Today, […]

I guess the first time one book a taxi is left happy and thrilled at the same time. That is one step of joining another standard in our lives. There is goodness in the use of this taxi service simply because it is flexible, comfortable and makes you feel better than traveling with other transport means. As we travel from one place to another every day, the availability of the taxi service has encouraged people to continue with their duties as long as they want. Whether in the night or day, one can book the taxi to travel. Delhi to Ludhiana taxi service has been appreciated by many commuters because it is flexible and accommodates all travelers. Some of the […]


Once referred to as India’s Manchester by the BBC it is located on the banks of Sutlej River, and is 98 kilometers away from its state capital Chandigarh. The World Bank declared Ludhiana as the city with the best business environment in India in the year 2009 and 2013. It may be an industrialized city but there’s still a plenty of places that you can visit like:  Hardy’s World Amusement Park, Tiger Safari Zoo, Nehru Rose Garden, and Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum etc. So if you’re planning to visit this prominent city, you might want to hire a cab to have a more comfortable and personalized experience which you won’t find riding in an overcrowded public vehicle. Hire a […]


It is quite rare to hear that trips can be planned on the basis of sun signs or there can be need to consult astrologer before planning to travel. Here is the answer about all these doubts as following are some facts about nature of travels according to their sun sign Aquarius (January 20 to February 18) Persons with this sun sign have great listening skills and they are considered as best companions, lovers and friends. Aquarians find their happiness in the laughter and smiles of others without expecting anything in return. So Aquarians love to make fun and plan for trips without prior discussions and they spend last minute camping trip so trip with such persons can be great […]


Food is necessary but good and delicious foods make a difference in every meal. There is a saying that “ONE WHO HAS NEVER TRAVELLED WILL EVER PRAISE THE MOTHER OF HOW SHE COOKS WELL”. This is quite true, unless we travel and taste on other dishes we shall always know one type of pan. Many dieticians and master chefs have had to travel out of their own countries in order to taste and get to know about other recipes out there in the world. Making changes in the way of cooking makes food better and improves the appetite. This brings us to a question, “how to cook?” .Always cook with a major aim of retaining the food nutrients in the […]