One Way Cab Service


Money Travels brings you an opportunity of a better transport means by booking your own cab.

Travel with us and pay the best possible price you can ever think of for your journey.

There is no paying double.

We have upgraded our services as listed below for you to have a wonderful drive;

  • Instant booking. Book and get your drive approved right away without delays.
  • 24 hours services. Get your cab at any time of the day; be it late night, we are always available.
  • Registered cabs with verified drivers. The cabs are verified by the ministry of road transport and our drivers are licensed.
  • Prices. We have made some changes regarding this matter;
  1. You will only pay for the distance travelled.
  2. You will not be required to make any double payments.
  3. There are no charges for cancellation of your cab
  4. You can pay through a number of ways for example by cash at your final destination, by pre- pay through credit cards, debit cards, net banking and other ways.
  • Efficiency. We achieve this in a number of ways;
  1. We provide back-up cabs in case of a problem along the way
  2. We are time conscious both from departure to arrival.
  3. Book any type of cab for yourself, family and friends to any destination you want

Book a cab with Money Travels and enjoy your magnificent journey with  us.